a CLI tool to recursively generate SHASUM file for a directory


The goshasum is a CLI tool to create recursively shasum file for directory contents.

I developed this tool because of the need to calculate SHA of multiple files.

What is a shasum file?

The “shasum file” is an informal term for a simple text file containing checksums and their corresponding filenames. It can be used to verify the integrity of the files.

Here is the example of the shasum file, called SHA256FILE.

f5abd3525f5d81bfd987c1cc1c14437f2412201461904ffb1bab4e61e7ebdfb3 .gitignore
c59aee6abac9386dc50b169cdeee09af935d1b84c164688759887aca552f63ac README.md
ef7cd13aee9ab511051b3e927f960bf29ac7a2cf089945b6a2bfbb558e4732db go.mod
76132d0433d5f4c2ee9586311d8544d0356aad7628b9356eb35bd0e7f49c64b0 main.go

You can call the Linux command shasum -c SHA256FILE to verify the checksums of all the files inside the repository directory.