a chrome extension to transliterate


In 2017 Kazakhstan government announced plans to migrate from cyrillic alphabet to latin alphabet. This move is an effort to increase the productivity by removing the need to change the keyboard everytime when we need to write digits with letters. If you did not know, Kazakh language consists of 42 different letters which obviously does not fit into standard qwerty keyboard. To fit all of these letters we occupy the digits at the top of the keyboard. Also one interesting historic fact is that before 1926 kazakh people were already using latin alphabet, but Soviet Union changed the alphabet as a policy to standardize the writings across all countries that are part of the USSR.

Also one interesting fact about the letters in Kazakh alphabet is that not all of the letters are actually used in everyday communication.

Basically, the government decision about changing the alphabet was met with great support from Kazakh people. The only problem was that change of alphabet would require the change of all previous text that were written in cyrillic alphabet.

Therefore, I proposed to create a Chrome browser extension, that will convert from cyrillic into latin the text on any website.