a web app for medical students to prepare for exam


The project is still under development stage. We hope to launch it in the summer 2019. You can access it here. My role in this project is to develop a secure and fast (very fast) web application, that users can use. Thus, I am responsible for choosing the technology, building the architecture and developing the web app itself. During my research process, I decided to use ASP.NET Core MVC as a core technology for the project. During development stage we are using shared hosting provider, but in the near future we may migrate to MS Azure. In the last moment, we decided to use DigitalOcean platform.

Technology stack

One of the goals while deciding about technology was it’s openness. I didn’t want to be dependent on some technology vendor. Before this project, I was mostly using Microsoft technologies. (ASP.NET MVC, MSSQL and Azure). At the end, I came up with this technology stack to develop the application. Of course, this stack comes with its own challenges, which I will discuss below.

  • Framework: Asp.net Core MVC
  • Database: MySQL
  • Web Server: Nginx
  • Platform: DigitalOcean