“Being a man is responsibility, not a privilege” (From Movie: “Salam, New York”)

“With great strength comes great responsibility” (Uncle Ben)

Sometimes we forgot that being strong doesn’t make us privileged, but makes us responsible for those who depends on us. Our wife, children, parents. We need to feel the responsibility, and make everything in our power to accomplish the duty in front of our loved ones.

Nowadays there are too many of us who complains about everything. They will find a lot of reason to fail. It is because of economic situation in country, political parties, aggressive competitors, too early, too late, or just weather is not right. But all of these reasons fall apart, when we look at the mirror and ask ourselves if I did everything in my power to succeed? Did I use my time wisely? Did I try to call to that and that person? Did I set clear goals? Did I work hard enough, that I slept only 5 hours a day? If the answer to one of above question is no, then we don’t have rights to complain! We don’t!

If the man knows why, he can withstand all how.

This is where comes responsibility. If we will understand why we are doing all of this, and that we are responsible for our family, friends and country, we can withstand all difficulties that are waiting us before success. We need to keep in mind that if we lose hope, and stop trying, then no one will take responsibility for our families and they will suffer.